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Water Heater Installation Services.

At AEC Plumbing, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy clean, hot water installation at an affordable price. AEC Plumbing is specialist in water heater installation and repair services and water softener installation in Fort McMurray, Calgary area. Our experts are fully trained in water heater installation and water softeners.

Not only are we experts in hot water heater installation in Calgary, we can make sure it’s also providing you with clean and soft water with filtration fittings and water softener system. We guarantee the best plumbing and finest techniques around to ensure you have crystal clear water that can also meet all your hot water needs. 

Water Softener Installation Services.

Water filtration systems are important because they purify the drinking water and we have systems for both Water Softener Systems Installation Services and Water Heater System Installation Services. Filtration is essential no matter if the water comes from the town or a well. However, if water comes from a well it is absolutely essential to put in a system that will make it safe for drinking or general use. Since water is used every day, it is imperative that measures are taken so that the water remains safe. AEC Plumbing Inc. can do that for you anywhere in Calgary.

The very first step that you need to contact a AEC Plumbing professional. Our staff will set you up with someone who will meet with you and give you an estimate. However, your water will need to be tested first. Based on the results of the test we will be able to formulate a filtration plan. There is a well-planned water treatment plan that will meet your needs.

Once you get the water tested. We will sit down and explain in detail the water filtration system that we came up with. At this point, you can ask us any questions you may have. Filtration corrects problems such as poor taste, improper mineral balance, and cleanliness.